Sexism and bias affects everyone.

It’s not fair, keeps happening and seems to be accepted as, “not that big a deal”

Those small comments, looks, being ignored or passed over just because of our gender, race or relationship preference  affects us all. Worse, no one on either side knows what to do about it.

What if you could start a conversation, feel safe to speak up and make a change?

Got a minute? It’s now possible.

Our Story

Got-a-Minute began with a problem and a conversation. Bernadette and I were meeting for a long-overdue catch up.  She arrived looking resigned, relaying to me the events of her morning. She began with, “I had one of THOSE moments just now!”

Without further explanation I knew exactly what she meant and how she felt. Years earlier, my boss looked me up and down murmuring, “hmm, you look nice today!” I wanted to go home and take a shower. Instead, somewhat stunned, I just looked at him blandly and walked away. From then on, I never really felt comfortable being alone with him.

It was a micro-moment of sexism.

These micro-moments are those offensive or problematic comments or behaviors that cause us to feel disempowered, excluded and unable to contribute our best.

In tweets, posts, conversations over drinks or meals, people around the world share similar stories of being talked over, looked over, passed over and subtly belittled.

All with the same reactions:
“I wanted to say or do something but didn’t know what! I don’t want to make a thing of it, go to HR or lodge a formal complaint.”
“I’m not sure what just happened. Was it my imagination?”
“I feel uncomfortable, but no one here is willing to listen or deal with it.”
“I’ve been told to let it go. Now what?”
…But also:
“I don’t know what to do or say anymore! Every conversation is a potential minefield.”
“I didn’t think it was an issue. Does anyone have a sense of humour anymore?”
“Why am I all of a sudden being treated like I’m a jerk?”
“I had no idea that what I said or did was even a problem.”
The confusion, unfairness, helplessness and anger live with us beyond these moments. They leave us wanting to run away and check out, while at the same time feeling stuck, alone and unable to speak up.

Got a Minute is about getting past the blame and shame game to empower, teach and create a new social agreement. One that says it’s not okay to say or do that, and you’re safe to speak up.

Join us and together, let’s create a new social agreement.

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Online For Convenience

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Made For You

Tailored just for you, whether you’re an individual, part of a team or whole company.
Build a more inclusive current social agreement for everyone involved.
Deal with the micro-moments before they escalate and become a harassment problem.

Build effective communication and relationships between individuals and within the workplace.

Find a new equilibrium without first disparaging anyone.
The implied social agreement of tolerating and not addressing these behaviours has passed it’s expiration date. It’s time to create a new social agreement.